Why work with us?

It's simple: We offer guaranteed Quality, Fair Play, and Priority when recruiting for you… available at competitive rates.

Finding the right expert for the job is always tricky, which requires quality work. If you are not fully satisfied, we will revise it at our own expense. After reviewing your requirements, and comparing your feedback to our work, we will return with a more suitable match. Through this process, we ensure that our quality.

Fair Play

We understand the value of having and being a trusted partner. We know our partners' projects, clients, and employees, but will never approach them without consent. This is part of our privacy and fair play policy, aimed at having long-lasting partnerships, built on trust, with your organization.


When we work together, if we have enough business with you, and it runs smooth, our aim is to work with companies outside of the same sector and region. We do not need every company as a client. We can offer special partnerships per industry, where we can provide recruitment services exclusively for your organization.


By combining a positive problem-solving attitude and our knowledge of digital tech trends with industry-tested optimized processes, we are able to offer flexible pricing structures at competitive rates. We can offer billing per hour, per delivered candidate, per hired person, or any combination of these options.



Recruitment Service

Recruitment service measured by time. This way is suitable when you need to hire more employees for a limited time or you prefer to pay based on our worked time. By this type of contracting, we agree upon a certain amount of hours or days, and we deliver the candidates to you upon request.

Costs per Candiate

Recruitment service measured by delivered candidate. This is suitable when you prefer to pay based on individual results, but need to hire more candidates for a shorter time. By this type of contracting, we agree upon a range of candidates which you need for a time and invoice upon result.

Recruitment & Selection

The executive search. You need specific employees to hire for your business, and you need them carefully selected. We research, interview and assess all relevant candidates. Then we offer you the most suitable upon your request. By this type of contracting you pay a one-time fee based on the annual salary for the role.

*To remain flexible, we can also speak about a mix of the services mentioned above. Just let us know.
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