Our services

AZ recruitment & Arbeidsbemiddeling is working in 3 different directions. We call these directions Recruitment, Arbeidsbemiddeling and Consultancy services. AZ does not do secondment and does not set personnel to work with the intention of handing in or lending this staff to clients. We mediate, recruit and select the employees with regard to your request and your requirements. What exactly are our services and for whom are they intended for, please read here:

  • Recruitment – this service is for international companies that are based abroad. Does your company need professionals, young professionals or recently graduated specialists who speak Dutch and/or multiple languages? Could your companies offer good relocation packages to its future employees? Does your company need real quality? ..Then, nice to know you! Our Recruitment services are tailor-made for your company. We search for the right candidates from our recruitment & sourcing channels and database. Then we assess these applicants with our most modern HR assessment tools and select the most suitable for your company. Thereafter, your company hires this candidate for a fair all-in price. contact us

  • Arbeidsbemiddeling – this service we offer to the temporary employment and secondment agencies in the Netherlands. Do these companies need truly motivated “go-getters” who mostly (but not only) speak Dutch and/or English? Does these employment agencies need people with different certificates, experience and trainings? Do these agencies would prefer to work as well as with people from various nationalities and so with local employees, with or without their own housing? Do these employers want to offer fair employment conditions to their future employees? …Then, welcome! Our Arbeidsbemiddeling services are made exactly for your agency. We search for the right candidates from our channels and database, we estimate these candidates for you and we offer these candidates to your company. Then your company hires this candidate for a reasonable fee based on the actually worked hours. That is how your company would no longer have a staff shortage, no troubles with the dismissal of unsuitable temporary workers and could focus better on its administration and acquisition. contact us

  • Consultancy – this service is for employers who want to know more, research something, discuss the possibilities of subsidies, check foreign markets, check efficiency or need advice about the labour rules. Are you already an existing customer of us or do you think that soon we will work together with your company? Then we can agree upon a fair price. contact us