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  • Salaristo be discussed
  • Contact nameDragomir Dimov
  • Contact phone+31685581050
  • Soort baanZZP basis
  • Dringend Nee
  • Toestand Actief
  • LocatieWerk van thuis
  • KwalificatieCollege, University and higher

Job omschrijving

What are you going to work?

If you enjoy a fast-paced, high-energy working environment, love sharing brilliant ideas, working with a team of creative people, and never lose sight of all the intricate details, we want you!

Over het bedrijf

Our client is a pioneering digital communication agency, founded in 1998. They imagine, create and execute digital communication campaigns clients across various sectors and industries within Europe. This means research of the needs and the customer’s digital landscape, create an appropriate digital communication strategy and implement this strategy by creating digital tools and assets.


We are living in the modern times where “digital” means advantage. Almost everything today in Europe is digital. The company itself is located in Brussels, Belgium, but you perform your work from your (home)office, using your own office infrastructure, computers, computer hardware & software and office equipment, and mobile phone. You can perform your work from anywhere in Europe, as long as you have access to the internet and your devices.

By this function

As a Project Coordinator you have very strong project management and organizational skills. You should have a real understanding of today’s digital landscape, be proactive, willing to learn and open to challenges. You will have the opportunity to work within a multi-cultural team and to explore numerous aspects of digital communications. In this project you will be part of the team launching a new campaign to support one of the Brussels based world’s best-known beverage companies.

The position is suitable for already established freelancers based anywhere across Europe. What you can do with us is to become a member of an international and English-speaking team at the leading digital agency in Brussels. By this you can develop your skills in everything digital, from social media management and event activation to digital research, design and project management.


What are you going to do?

  • Planning and coordinating the ongoing project to ensure it run smoothly from briefings to final delivery;
  • Preparing and administrating documents for the project team;
  • Assisting & reporting to the Project Leader in the daily servicing of their clients;
  • Maintaining and supporting an efficient working environment;
  • Coordinating weekly/monthly status updates for each project, including a financial overview;
  • Providing administrative support to assure accurate execution of assigned tasks in a manner that enables the agency to maintain a strong, long-lasting relationship with client;
  • Financial planning and forecasting for each project and close monitoring of budgets.

What do we ask for?

Customers appreciate your knowledge, drive and expertise. To start and to be successful in your role, we ask:

  • Ability to juggle and prioritize multiple demands at the same time;
  • Excellent time and resource management abilities with great financial and administrative skills;
  • Ability to work with international clients and coordinate a multi-cultural project team of freelancers;
  • Experience in digital communications & B2B marketing, with strong affinity to web related technologies;
  • Understanding of the public affairs in the field of drinks and beverage industry;
  • Persistence and drive to see the job through to the end;
  • Stress resistance with excellent attention to detail;
  • A strong team player, fits well into a collaborative friendly team;
  • Curious mind, hungry to learn and experience new things;
  • A 3-lingual person with excellent command of English, Dutch and French languages.

Do you enjoy working remotely on a project for one of the world’s best-known companies? Then read further.


What does this mean for you?

AZ Recruitment & Arbeidsbemiddeling is a Dutch based recruiting company which connects job seekers with high quality employers. Our goal is to connect the most suitable candidates with trusted employers. You will not be employed by AZ Recruitment & Arbeidsbemiddeling, your contract will be with our client. In addition to our employment services, we can give an advise on career opportunities, employment legislation and social security.

What is offered here for you?

You will be an integral part of a highly creative and very successful team in an exciting and fast-paced environment. Involved in a variety of industry and business contexts, you will be driving change for clients, for our client, and for yourself. The company aims to offer you an inspiring virtual environment that gives access to horizons that matter to you as well as the opportunity to work virtually. If you’re in the middle of your career, between jobs or just looking for new freelance opportunities, this may fit perfect for you.


‘R U In?

Feel free to send us a message with your CV via the application button. Ask questions if you have. Then we will contact you back as soon as possible.

The application process:

The application procedure is 100% online and consists of 5 steps. If we have a good click in the current step, then we move on to the next. The steps are:

  1. After sending your CV and after an initial positive assessment, we shall contact you for a further introductory conversation;
  2. The introductory conversation will be via telephone or a video call from us. We can discuss your skills, details and options over the phone/video;
  3. In case needed, in your email you will receive online assessment tools to test your personality and skills;
  4. Afterwards, you will have a conversation with the Project Leader you will be working with (or someone else from the team);
  5. After all, you will receive your offer from the company by e-mail, and a Framework Service Contract.

Onboarding and contract

The offer is still not a contract. You will receive a Framework Service Agreement for performing freelance work. To sign your contract you don’t need to be physically present in Belgium, you can send it by post or e-mail or you can sign it digitally. The agreement is made in English language, complies with the Belgium commercial law and has the conditions of a service contract. After signing and sending the agreement starts the onboarding procedure.

We wish you lots of success in the application process!

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