AZ Recruitment & Arbeidsbemiddeling™ provides intermediary services between job seekers and employers within the Netherlands and abroad. We focus on serving internationally-minded professionals, connecting them with like-minded multinational companies looking for multilingual corporate or industrial talents across the BeNeLux region and the areas around. Our extensive network of professionals and niche experts, together with our vast knowledge of various countries' labor markets and laws, helps us bring comprehensive employment solutions to both sides of employment.

AZ Recruitment™ offers recruitment services in three ways of contracting: on employment basis, on freelance contracting, and for trusted staffing agencies. This means we mediate, recruit and select the employees, the freelancers or the staff personnel based on the clients' specific requirements and for our client. AZ Recruitment™ is not contracting the candidates and we are never the employer: our client is.

With AZ Recruitment™ we can work in any sector, but we aim to keep ourselves focused on specific sectors, where we can deliver with success, and where we know how they work. More about our industries of expertise you can read in the link.

AZ Recruitment & Arbeidsbemiddeling™ has had one mission: To help professionals of various backgrounds find the best and most suitable work available.

AZ Recruitment™ was planned shortly before the corona crisis onset and was established soon after the pandemic started. Since its foundation in 2020, it started as a remote-native home-based one-man company. Its founder, Dragomir Dimov, is a Dutch based expat from Eastern-European origin, with an extensive background in business and recruitment management, coupled with in-depth commercial and personal experience in job seeking and human resources in the Netherlands. His experience and commitment to connect job seekers with the most ideal employer, has allowed AZ Recruitment™ to successfully provide its recruitment services to some of the world's best-known companies and European leaders through the short but dynamic history of AZ Recruitment™.

AZ Recruitment™ is still a young but developing enterprise. Despite the fact of our "company age", other organizations like yours trust us because we offer consistent quality, have the expertise within the industries we work, understand the candidates' and clients' needs and we can work in a flexible setting to create the perfect professional match.

We believe in bringing an experienced and empathetic approach to the recruitment business. Today's labor markets are diverse and global, providing opportunities for job seekers and employers alike, but also bring challenges. Europe, including the Netherlands, stands out as a place where people from various nationalities and cultures live peacefully together. AZ Recruitment™ sees this diversity and open borders as opportunities for competitive advantages for companies. While diversity in employees can help companies to increase their market share, it makes communication with their target groups easier and it can stimulate companies to think "out of the box". AZ Recruitment™ is familiar with these benefits and offers expertise and manpower to internationally-minded companies that need it.

By applying effective and engaging communication, strategic networking, and an evolving knowledge of international labor trends, AZ Recruitment™ stands to create fair working conditions and a more open job market for all.

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