About the company

AZ Recruitment & Arbeidsbemiddeling is a company that works as an intermediary between various job seekers and employers in the Netherlands and abroad. AZ focuses primarily on internationally minded professionals, local flex workers, Dutch companies in the field of human resources and larger international companies that are looking for multilingual corporate professionals. Thanks to its extensive network of professionals and flex workers, professionalism and personal approach, knowledge of the labor market in different countries, knowledge of labor law, AZ Recruitment & Arbeidsbemiddeling is able to make a match between demand, supply and expertise.



AZ Recruitment & Arbeidsbemiddeling is founded in 2020 by Dragomir Dimov. The goal of AZ is to help professionals and flex workers with various backgrounds to work. Dragomir is self an expat who lives in the Netherlands but was born in Eastern Europe. During his Business Management education at the university, he came into contact with the world of recruitment and is fascinated by this industry. He has followed a course in the American GCDF program and established the first student career centre in his country. After that he gained broad commercial experience, mostly at international companies. Since he moved to the Netherlands, he discovered the flex-employment industry. He investigated it in depth and gained experience at various temporary employment agencies. He has also followed an employment law training by the Cadre Academy of the largest Dutch trade union and is also active as a consultant by it. Now he wants to keep developing in the sector and he is setting up AZ Recruitment & Arbeidsbemiddeling with the intention of connect the job seeker and the employers.


Our services

AZ recruitment & Arbeidsbemiddeling is working in 3 different directions. We call these directions Recruitment, Arbeidsbemiddeling and Consultancy services. AZ does not do secondment and does not set personnel to work with the intention of handing in or lending this staff to clients. We mediate, recruit and select the employees with regard to your request and your requirements. What exactly are our services and for whom are they intended for, please read here.


Our power

It is well known that the labour market is dynamic, changing day to day and it becomes more difficult to find the right employment force. And here comes AZ Recruitment & Arbeidsbemiddeling with knowledge, experience, network and expertise. AZ has a large base of candidates and keeps it up-to-date, which means that AZ always has the right manpower. This database consists of people as from different nationalities and cultures, as well as from local people. AZ uses all standard sourcing techniques, but has also developed its own off- and on-line source channels. In addition, AZ always tries to adapt to the client requirements. For us, the most important thing is that everyone can work. That is why the interests of candidates will always be paramount. Additionally, we can point out that we know the labour rules well and follow the latest trends in the labour market.


What do we stand for?

And Europe and the Netherlands are known as a multicultural society. Many people from different nationalities and cultures live peacefully together. AZ Recruitment & Arbeidsbemiddeling sees this diversity and open borders as opportunities for competitive advantages for companies. While diversity in employees can help companies to increase their market share, it makes communication with their target groups easier and it can stimulate companies to think “out of the box”. AZ is familiar with these benefits and offers expertise and manpower to companies that need it.

As a company with a social engagement, AZ Recruitment & Arbeidsbemiddeling wants to ensure that unemployment is reduced and there is no workforce shortage. We also want to give to the professionals, flex workers and employers a positive future perspective.

Next to the employment mediation, AZ also focuses on the fair working conditions. In this way AZ provides services to its clients and candidates. This approach fits well to our vision, namely: Employees are people. With this we mean the employment conditions and the fair opportunities in the labour market, both during the job application and afterwards at the workplace. Here AZ can help the candidates in various ways to find a good job and the employers to have more productive and more motivated workforce. AZ Recruitment & Arbeidsbemiddeling always strives for a win-win situation.